Is it Wrong to Use Your Personal Blog as a Niche Blog?

Marketing / Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Interesting post by Keith Desouza at about why you should not use a personal blog for niche promotion. I agree that it may be difficult to grow your blog if others have an issue with contributing to what may seem to be more of an individual effort as opposed to an organizational cause, but like everything in marketing and promotion, it’s all in how you develop your brand. If your blog is truly personal and reflects your musings and anecdotes about life or whatever is on your mind, then your topical focus may not be strong enough to garner the support of contributing writers or advertisers. However, if your name or in my case an alias, are properly branded with a consistent focus on your topical expertise, then your blog is less of a digital diary and more of a hosted exchange of thoughts and ideas that reflect your distinctive style. In fact, your readers will expect to see evidence of your personality in your posts. Keep your posts on topic with style complementing substance and a decent personal blog can be transformed into a dynamic authority blog. For more on authority blogging, visit the Authority Blogger Forum or

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