New Year Treats: More Frequent Posts and Blogging with iPhone Video

Web/Tech / Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

January is the season for New Year resolutions but rather than try to
make several promises that I know I won’t keep without some change in habit or
substitute behaviors to provide incentive to reinforce the difference, I
thought I’d evaluate the last year and think of some practical
improvements I can make to keep the momentum going and create more
growth in 2008. Over the last few months, I’ve made an effort to post
several times a week to my weblog with the goal being once per day. I
haven’t been entirely successful in achieving that goal but I have been
posting much more frequently than in the past and my Feedburner
subscriptions have picked up quite a bit. By using Google Reader to
stay on top of my favorite news sites and by using my iPhone to blog
remotely, I’m sure that I’ll be able to achieve an average of two posts
per day in 2008. Let the fun begin!

While I’m writing about the
iPhone and remote blogging, look for a video tutorial this weekend that shows how I go about blogging with my iPhone. It’s not as
easy as I’d like, but I’ll show you how you can use sites that are
optimized for the iPhone along with its link sharing feature to make
blog posting relatively simple and pain-free.

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