See What You’ve Been Up to On the Web with Google Alerts

Recently I updated my Google 
account with my own name so that I would receive email 
updates any time I was mentioned on the web. This allows me to keep up 
with any articles, blog entries, or other comments about me so that I 
can respond in kind or at least maintain an awareness of how I’m being 
perceived across the net. Interestingly enough I’ve discovered links 
to sites I set up some time ago that are being updated with my blog 
entries. I’ve also discovered responses to comments I’ve made in 
forums or blogs that didn’t have trackback capability. It’s like an 
automatic Googling of myself on a daily basis. Sometimes I receive no 
new news and other days I’m surprised to find a few things mentioning 
my name. I recommend this tool to anyone who wants to stay in front of 
their publicity in addition to using the service to stay on top of 
news about other topics of interest.

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