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If you’ve arrived here by virtue of using the StumbleUpon website or toolbar, welcome! I’m Iceman Baldy, an African-American internet entrepreneur who has been busy on the web for at least the last five years via this weblog (which has undergone numerous iterations, hosting platforms and design changes) and most recently via my Black Business directory at One Million Black Businesses and a free discussion forum dedicated to black internet marketers who are both seasoned and new at Black Internet Marketing Forum.com. A recent project that I’ve begun that is generating some buzz around the internet involves keeping a chronicle of my efforts at making a million dollars by working only one hour during a day for one year utilizing various internet marketing techniques that I share with readers who are following my progress. You can see where things stand by visiting OneHourOneMillionOneYear.com. In fact, your coming to this website today is the result of a trial that I’m running as a StumbleUpon advertiser. If you have a business or product that you want to get in front of a targeted audience, you might give it a try. I paid $25.00 for 500 views of this weblog. Hopefully you’ll rate it positively by hitting the thumbs up sign in the StumbleUpon toolbar and provide a few good words in a brief review. Please feel free to join my email list for updates and free information related to all things internet marketing from an African American point of view. No matter what your interests, political view, ethnic background, or favorite number, if you have an interest in technology, entrepreneurship and personal development with an affinity for making money, then this is the place for you. I’m working on an ebook that reviews some of the best social sites currently available with pros and cons of using each in your marketing promotions. StumbleUpon will be one of the featured sites. Stay tuned.

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