Internet Marketing Q&A on the Beach with Martin Luther King and Barack Obama

Well kind of. I just returned from a weekend of the good life in Florida. Great weather, good company, and lots of activity with not much time for blogging but restful overall and a good trip. Since returning, I’ve added a submission form to a post at where I’m asking for input on questions for internet marketers as part of a small project I’m working on. If you have questions that you’ve always wanted to ask a guru about how they make their money, their greatest challenge, or anything else that might be on your mind, provide your input and pick up a copy of a free ebook on improving email opt-in rates as a token of our appreciation for your response. There’s also a post about Martin Luther Kind Day observances and references to Barack Obama with emphasis on Barack’s campaign website and its emphasis on social networking and Virtual Obama. This guy is everywhere and even if you don’t care for his political stance or agenda, you have to admire his integration of social networking technology to mobilize the masses and generate support and awareness.

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