Problogger: Nine Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

I’ve made references to my use of Twitter a few times in this blog and it’s becoming more popular each day as some of the more reknown bloggers and marketers talk about how they use the service for their own purposes. Darren Rouse, author of the high-trafficked Problogger site provides his insight on 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers. Darren also talks about how you can use Twitterfeed to post updates from your weblog as Twitter announcements with a link back to your site as an alternative subscription method for those who want to read your blog while mobile. The only issue with using Twitterfeed is you have to become an OpenID user. Even though a single ID is a good idea and would eliminate the need to track multiple user names and passwords, I’m not all that confident about signing up for a single ID that can be used on multiple sites for fear of the ID becoming comprimised and someone using my ID maliciously.

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