Let Somebody Do the Writing For You: Private Label Rights

News / Friday, February 8th, 2008

As I do my best to tie up a project over the next few days, my efforts
inspired this quick thought about a potential time-saver and revenue
stream that is worth sharing with you.

All of us are pressed for time and it’s often difficult to stay on top
of your blog postings and email marketing messages. Add to that the
need to keep current on the forums and websites that you frequent and
before you know it, you’ve lost valuable productive time. There are
good shortcuts and bad shortcuts when it comes to developing products
and messages that help you to stay in touch with your readers and
customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Private Label
Rights products (PLR). PLR products are written by someone else who
sells you the rights to use the product and brand it as your own.

I recently purchased a PLR product and I’m rewriting it for
republication under my own name and brand. The product was fairly
solid to begin with and came with a sales letter and graphics that I
could have uploaded to my server and used as is. It was restricted to
100 people, so I’ve got some assurance that the market won’t be
saturated in addition to knowing that my upgrades will ensure its
uniqueness in the marketplace. I also plan to use snippets of it for
inspiration that I’ll use for instructional email messages (like this
one) in addition to smaller reports. It cost me all of $5.00 for five
reports. I’ll get way more value out of this product based on my
multiple use plan. By adding value, you can in fact create more value
than what you started with.

Consider purchasing PLR products for your own use or developing and
selling PLR products for your own profit. Optimize time, maximize
profit. >

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