BuzzologySurveys: African Americans More Likely To Blog

Entrepreneurship Education / Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

According to this source, BuzzologySurveys: African Americans More Likely To Blog, a higher number of African-Americans blog than exist in the general population. I’m working on compiling a resource site of popular African-American blogs that I’ve come across that is evidence of the growing popularity of black blogs. Being an election year, the number of people blogging has increased dramatically as people around the world are using the internet to discuss this historic period in American politics. Black blogs have been front and center as the action transpires everyday. Blogs on art, entertainment, and popular culture are also growing and receiving attention from a diverse readership. What are you waiting on? Get going on your own blog and give people a reason to seek your expertise as a means of expanding the market for your products and services.

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