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Test Post from Typepad Mobile

Success! I finally got the Typepad Windows Mobile client application to work. It appeared that I may have been using the wrong settings in my ISP configuration and a change in settings resulted in the message above being posted with no problem whatsoever. This is great news as I was really disappointed with the

Looks Like the Tilt May Beat the iPhone for Overall Usefulness

Earlier today, I made a post about how amazing it was to be able to use a mobile phone to post to my weblogs while listening to a podcast at the same time. This would have been unheard of just a few years ago because the technology either didn’t exist or was to technically

16% of US own two mobile phones – MobileTracker

I’m now a contributing data point in the 16% of US consumers who use two mobile phones as stated by USA  Today in this post from Mobiletracker. All the more reason why making  money with a mobile phone  becomes important. I have to have additional income to justify $200  worth of connectivity each month.

Problogger: How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog

In the spirit of continuing to provide you with links to information  you can use to increase your promotional impact, here’s a tip from  Chris Brogan, a guest poster at Problogger, on using Twitter to promote your blog. Update: The link above has been repaired so that you can click and follow it to Look out Digg–Another Option to Consider

Most internet marketers and information mavens are familiar with and its popularity in terms of social bookmarking and reviews of the best news sources on the web. Digg has often been criticized as being something of a difficult community to satisfy when it comes to objective ratings and reviews and tends to receive

Thank You for Your Purchase

Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. If you have a PayPal account, you may log into your account at to view details of this transaction. If you have purchased the Internet Marketing Speed Guide Package, please confirm your

A Quick Lesson from the Harvard Business School: Marketing Your Way Through a Recession

Times are tough and the need to step up your marketing game is more intense than ever. Professor John Quelch of HBS provides some quick strategies on how to compete for fewer customers spending less money during difficult financial times. Good, fast reading: Marketing Your Way Through a Recession — HBS Working Knowledge.

Iceman Baldy – FriendFeed

I’ve been saying that it’s only a matter of time before social aggregators (sites that compile all of your internet friend and social networks into one place) become the next big thing. Fresh on the scene is a new site called Friend Feed that provides each user with a page that offers one-stop socializing

Building an Effective Internet Presence

I posted a copy of a free internet book that I received based on a message I read from ChrisG, who often provides me with great resources that I find compelled to share with others. This ebook offers some good suggestions on keeping your online brand in top condition by paying attention to how

Best Selling Author, Omar Tyree Discusses his Plans for Overwhelming Success in 2008

Omar Tyree has started a weblog where he will keep his readers updated on his strategy to achieve Balla Balla status in 2008. With three new books focused on black business in the works and plans to hit the speaking circuit hard and heavy, it will be interesting to follow the path that I’m