Using a Tilt versus iPhone for Mobile Blogging

Web/Tech / Sunday, March 9th, 2008


I recently acquired an AT&T Tilt and have been eager to see how well it can be used to blog remotely given my frustrations in using my iPhone for this purpose. I tried to log into my Typepad account using Pocket IE on the Tilt and could not get into the application using this browser. I bought a copy of Opera Mobile, an alternative paid browser, and I’m using it to complete this very post.

So far, I’m delighted. I miss the predictive text with auto-capitalization and contractions on the iPhone but that should be available on the Tilt through a setting adjustment. The keyboard on the Tilt makes for easier text entry with fewer mistakes although it becomes a two-handed exercise whereas it could be done with one hand in portrait mode on the iPhone. Overall the Tilt is far better for extended text entry given the keyboard and the visible screen space not tied up by a virtual keyboard. You can copy and paste text (or weblinks–hooray!) from other applications and insert pictures in each post from your pictures folder as you create a new entry. The iPhone has a much better ability to render text and graphics on web pages in their true form, but you’ll have some trouble interacting with some forms and certainly won’t be able to blog as effectively as you might like given the text input restrictions of the iPhone hardware.

With a few minor enhancements added by third-party software (not yet a reality on the iPhone, but coming this summer hopefully), the Tilt will become my productivity champion while I’ll hang onto the iPhone for its sleek and sexy charm and entertainment finesse. If my new Opera Mobile web browser continues to provide features like tabbed page browsing and better graphics optimization than the default Pocket IE, my favorite style-setting communicator may be replaced by a pretty good looking, slightly chunkier workhorse that allows me to stay on top of my business.

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