Best Selling Author, Omar Tyree Discusses his Plans for Overwhelming Success in 2008

Money/Entrepreneurship / Monday, March 10th, 2008

Omar Tyree has started a weblog where he will keep his readers updated on his strategy to achieve Balla Balla status in 2008. With three new books focused on black business in the works and plans to hit the speaking circuit hard and heavy, it will be interesting to follow the path that I’m sure he will blaze with progress updates along the way. He offers this quote on the value of black business: "What is the value of black business if it is still not fast enough, wealthy enough, smart enough, or courageous enough to reach out and acquire the worthy talent in its backyard instead of allowing so many ingenious products, services and ideas to slip away and become outsourced by the historical corporate crossover?" Read more at his weblog.

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