Building an Effective Internet Presence

I posted a copy of a free internet book that I received based on a message I read from ChrisG, who often provides me with great resources that I find compelled to share with others. This ebook offers some good suggestions on keeping your online brand in top condition by paying attention to how you’re building your digital reputation with each and every keystroke. This book and other resources like it are available on my forum in the articles directory or you can download it here. On an unrelated note, I’m still working through the transition from using my iPhone to using my Tilt as the tool for remote work when away from my primary computer. Once I get my phone numbers and calendar synchronized, I’l try to use the Tilt exclusively for a week to really see how it goes. So far, it hasn’t been bad but neither device has met my ideal requirements. Such a device may not exist but they’re getting close.

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