Iceman Baldy – FriendFeed

I’ve been saying that it’s only a matter of time before social aggregators (sites that compile all of your internet friend and social networks into one place) become the next big thing. Fresh on the scene is a new site called Friend Feed that provides each user with a page that offers one-stop socializing for your mighty legion of followers. You can check out my page: Iceman Baldy – FriendFeed. Friend Feed allows you to link as many as 29 different Web 2.0 social services together and let the world know that you’ve been up to in your various dealings with folks across the matrix. I’ve linked my Facebook account, two weblogs, Linkedin,, StumbleUpon, and Twitter in one easy-to-follow location.

I’m always concerned about how much traffic might be directed from my efforts to build a list since these services aren’t usually setup to allow for opt-in subscriber fields but the upside is that more people are likely to get a fuller sense of what I do and become customers or contacts. All the more reason why the ebook I posted about creating an effective internet presence is so important.

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