16% of US own two mobile phones – MobileTracker

I’m now a contributing data point in the 16% of US consumers who use two mobile phones as stated by USA 
Today in this post from Mobiletracker. All the more reason why making 
money with a mobile phone 
becomes important. I have to have additional income to justify $200 
worth of connectivity each month. Still can’t decide if the iPhone 
will be sacrificed in favor of the AT&T Tilt so I’ll continue to have 
both for a while longer. I’m listening to an Internet marketing 
podcast while typing this post on the iPhone and it’s just amazing 
when I consider what can be done with today’s technology. I’m sure I 
could do the same on the Tilt, but the experience is so dlifferent 
(aside from the lack of iTunes integration), that I defaulted to the 
iPhone. I’ll need to keep forcing myself to use the Tilt so that it 
becomes as second nature to me as the iPhone. Once I get a little more 
comfortable, I may truly decide to commit to one over the other and 
trade redundant mobility for more money in my pocket.

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