Monthly Archive:: April 2008

Promote and Mobilize your Website with FeedM8 and Get Paid!

As I’ve been finalizing my ebook on SmartPhone Profits, a site was referred to me that could not wait for the full ebook review. It’s called FeedM8 (pronounced feed-mate) and unlike other sites that allow you to convert a website into a mobile format, FeedM8 goes one step further by allowing a revenue sharing

Bluetooth is for More than Headsets: Use Your Mobile Phone as a High Speed Modem

Most smartphones today are equipped with WiFi capability in addition to Bluetooth. Don’t just use your bluetooth functionality for wireless talking–put your phone to use for wireless, high-speed internet surfing! In order to use your phone as a high-speed modem, you’ll need an unlimited data plan and your phone provider will need to allow

Power Up Your Blogging with ScribeFire

I’m now authoring four weblogs with related but independent topical focuses. From time to time, I’d like to publish an entry to more than one of my blogs simultaneously and I’d also like to publish with minimal effort and disruption of thought between the website that I’m viewing and my blogging client. ScribeFire has

How Well Does WriteToMyBlog Work?

Well, let’s see. In my ongoing quest for remote applications, whether stand-alone, device-installed apps or web apps like WriteToMyBlog , I’ve not quite been ready to crown any one application King of MoBlogging although Typepad Mobile comes close. My only reservation with Typepad Mobile is that it does not seem so always work with

Dosh Dosh: Social Media Networking and ROI

Do you wonder if the time you spend on social networks like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, BlackPlanet, Ning or any of the other popular sites is really improving your bottom line? We all hope that the payoff in networking is better brand awareness, increased product exposure, or higher sales conversions, but do we really know