Bluetooth is for More than Headsets: Use Your Mobile Phone as a High Speed Modem

News / Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Most smartphones today are equipped with WiFi capability in addition to Bluetooth. Don’t just use your bluetooth functionality for wireless talking–put your phone to use for wireless, high-speed internet surfing!

In order to use your phone as a high-speed modem, you’ll need an unlimited data plan and your phone provider will need to allow connectivity via software that they provide or third party software workarounds that may be available on the internet. I’m using an ATT/Cingular Tilt with unlimited data for $30 a month. It was easy to find instructions for internet sharing of the bluetooth connection of my phone in order to pair the phone wirelessly with my Macintosh Powerbook. Now I can use WiFi via my Mac or surf as long as I want with peace of mind knowing that if WiFi is not available, I can use my phone and still connect at better than 3G speeds on the ATT/Cingular HSDPA network were it’s available.

As unlimited data plans become even more affordable, you might consider ditching both your landline and your home internet service in favor of using your mobile phone as the all-in-one device for phone calls and internet service.

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