Power Up Your Blogging with ScribeFire

News / Saturday, April 26th, 2008

I’m now authoring four weblogs with related but independent topical focuses. From time to time, I’d like to publish an entry to more than one of my blogs simultaneously and I’d also like to publish with minimal effort and disruption of thought between the website that I’m viewing and my blogging client. ScribeFire has come to the rescue. It works as a Firefox extension–if you’re not using Firefox as your web browser of choice, you’re really missing out on some great integrated productivity options like StumbleUpon toolbars, Squidoo quick posts, Facebook integration, and a host of other easy to use features that make your online life a dream–but I digress. ScribeFire can be used to write to your blog while on the actual page that you’re posting about and makes it super easy to add links, pictures and anything else to one or several of the weblogs that you update.

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