The iPhone Gets to Stay

Web/Tech / Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Just as I figured I’d become used to using Windows Mobile as my primary phone-based operating system, in comes my iPhone to the rescue. As you probably know, I have been using an AT&T Tilt for the last few months to maintain my websites remotely. Today I was approving a listing on my directory site, and could not get the page to display all the elements properly in the Opera web browser. Opera is very good and the best that Windows Mobile has right now, but this was a time when Safari on the iPhone flat out killed it. I was able to do what I needed using Opera since I could guess where buttons should have been that didn’t render properly but, since I was a little concerned about whether my approvals of the listing actually took effect, I decided to try using my iPhone to check the site. Everything showed up perfectly on the iPhone as if I was using a notebook or desktop computer. The difference was so drastic that I think I’ll suffer the cost of two phone bills for a while longer. If the soon-to-be-released third party applications for the iPhone are as good as everyone hopes, that may seal the deal and I’ll be back to Square One of my iPhone versus Windows Mobile decision.

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