Monthly Archive:: June 2008

I Own My Own Network to Better Connect with Clients and Potential Customers: Do You?

Ownership of your network or forum is the best way to connect with people in your niche or potential customers for your products or services. My forum has grown substantially in a short period and continues to attract new users everyday. I’ve been working on updates to my forum, the Black Internet Marketing Forum.

All You Need for Success is an Email Address

You don’t have to have be online to market your offline products and services. This message is a brief summary of how to use nothing more than email to increase your profits through simple, traditional promotional techniques that you can start using today for greater exposure and profits tomorrow. Not every business has a

Another Marketer Stumbles Upon StumbleUpon

Brandon Johnson at writes about the outstanding traffic he received from StumbleUpon. One well written post that is bookmarked using StumbleUpon can do wonders for you as well. I’ll share more with you in a special report I’m preparing for free distribution related to integrating and focusing your marketing efforts. Look for it

Trying My Pen at Article Marketing

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last few days working on improving my Squidoo lenses. I had $10.69 posted to my Paypal account last month for doing nothing but collecting royalties from my existing lenses and a thought occurred to me. If I can multiply what I already have done by another

Squidoo: The Easy Way to Start a Website, Make Some Money, and Test an Idea

I’ve been working on a new Squidoo lens dedicated to one of my hobbies that has the potential to make quite a bit of money. As a kid, I used to collect die cast cars and after finding some of my old cars that were stored at my parents’ home, I discovered that some