Squidoo: The Easy Way to Start a Website, Make Some Money, and Test an Idea

I’ve been working on a new Squidoo lens dedicated to one of my hobbies that has the potential to make quite a bit of money. As a kid, I used to collect die cast cars and after finding some of my old cars that were stored at my parents’ home, I discovered that some of the almost 40-year old vehicles have become valuable collectibles. I’ve since become re-involved with collecting die cast cars and trucks and decided to work on an e-book product that will help others in learning how to collect and what to look for when deciding how to buy, sell, and trade. Squidoo will allow me to work on product awareness while establishing my expertise in this area in addition to driving traffic to my soon to be released website. In the meantime, by using the outstanding exposure provided by Squidoo in terms of lens traffic, search engine optimization rankings, and shared revenue from Amazon, eBay, and Adsense, I’ll also put some money in my pocket as icing on the cake. I began building this lens using my mobile phone and have been working on finishing touches over the weekend. I’m expecting it to be a huge success and I’ve modeled the format after a few of my more popular lenses on other topics like the lens on the Chevy SSR sport truck and my lens on Black fraternities and sororities. Squidoo is an easy way to start a revenue generating website that promotes your expertise while making money and allowing you to test the popularity of a niche product or idea. You can view my lensography for a summary of my Squidoo experience and most popular lenses.

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