Trying My Pen at Article Marketing

Marketing / Sunday, June 8th, 2008

As many of you know, I’ve spent the last few days working on improving my Squidoo lenses. I had $10.69 posted to my Paypal account last month for doing nothing but collecting royalties from my existing lenses and a thought occurred to me. If I can multiply what I already have done by another 100 productive lenses, that would be $1,069 dollars in passive income each month. One hundred lenses is entirely doable and I created a new lens on the 1st of June that has gone from lens rank #402,661 to #4,277 in less than 10 days. It’s currently number 230 in the Do-it-Yourself/Hobby category. My best lens makes almost $10 by itself every month. It’s #761 in lens rank and #45 in the People category. It’s easy to update once each month and if I give it some real attention by way of a major update or additional content, I’m sure it will rise even further in the rankings and pull in additional income.

Most of the gurus will tell you, when you find something that works, exploit it and make it really work for you and then get going on the next thing. This is how you create real and sustainable multiple streams of income and create a path to wealth and financial security. How does this tie into the title of this post? Given my early success with this new lens, I’ve submitted my first article to I’m expecting to see even more strongly-targeted traffic as a result of this submission beyond what I’ve received from StumbleUpon and some of the forums related to die cast collecting where I’ve joined and made contributions. Make sure you leverage all of the easy ways to maximize targeted attention. These are just a few that are paying solid dividends for me.

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