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Rockstar Internet Marketing Tools for Setting Productivity Goals

I’m working on a series of articles about internet marketing like a Rockstar since lately it seems I can’t get the whole Rockstar theme out of my head. Whether you party like a Rockstar or market like a Rockstar or simply carry a Rockstar attitude about you in your quest for success, I think

Article Marketing in Action: When You Know Basic Internet Marketing

One of the members of my forum has taken my comments about article marketing to heart and provided a great primer on list buidling using an article that was submitted to my Articles Directory on the Black Internet Marketing Forum. Take a look and consider joining our group so that you can network, teach,

Experimenting with Monetization on the Black Internet Marketing Forum

Forum growth is coming along well. We are proud that almost 200 individuals have found our forum and decided to join. We have a few members who are becoming quite active on the black internet marketing forum and that’s been good for knowledge sharing and value for other members. I’ve decided that the forum

7/25/08 Friday Freebie: The Joy of Squidoo

I didn’t get this posted yesterday but I didn’t forget about you. Seth Godwin has done it again. This time he’s produced a quick and easy ebook about how to use Squidoo with 26 different examples to get you going in less than ten minutes. It’s like a cookbook with each example being its

A List of Black Internet Leaders and Innovators

Jim Neusom posted a listing of Black Internet Leaders and Innovators at the Entrepreneurs on The Move forum. His list is based on business success, longevity, and popularity and includes some of the best sites on the internet independent of color but it’s great to see how well some of us prospered online. Take

Twitter, Plurk, and Blogs–Oh My!

Stop the insanity. Or is Web 2.0 taking over? First it was the internet–everybody had a static web page featuring their picture, their interests, and a few links. Next came weblogs. Your picture, your interest, a few links, plus comments and daily updates. Now we have SMS-based micro-blogging platforms in the form of Twitter,

A New Featured Article at the Black Internet Marketing Forum!

One of my outstanding black internet marketing forum members, Minsheyenwen, has written a truly outstanding four-part series called Discover The Secrets of Squidoo. One of the parts is especially interesting: The Squidoo Secret Exposed to People of Color. Minsheyenwen is a woman of color, African American and Native American descent. She’s a New Yorker

7/18/08 Friday Freebie: Twitteroid

Wondering how to get started using Twitter as a microblogging platform to connect with your audience and potential customers quickly and easily? Well Dr. Mani has published a free 19-page guide called Twitteroid–Mastering Twitter in 10 Minutes or Less. Get a copy now from the Black Internet Marketing Forum as this week’s Friday Freebie.

A Hard Lesson to Learn: Backup Your Databases and Website Files

While my business directory is undergoing a massive upgrade, I realized that my files were not backed up. Most of us don’t worry about this vital element of website/blog/forum management until it’s too late. Unfortunately for me, too late came early this year. My business directory has a client list of about 200 black

First Try with iPhone Typepad Application

Ok, I’ve updated my iPhone with 2.0 software and downloaded the Typepad app. This is a test post. Some of you may recall that I was one of the first to try blogging with the Typepad web application and I had mixed results. This application resides on the iPhone and has Twitter incorporated so