Friday Freebie: Article Marketing Strategies

News / Friday, July 4th, 2008

Happy Fourth of July for those of you in America or elsewhere who celebrate this day with traditional family cookouts and evening fireworks. A quick post about a new series that I’m hoping to keep going called Friday Freebies. The intent is to provide my readers with free-no-strings-attached information that they can use in their business endeavors in an effort to be as helpful as I can in sharing resources that I’ve found beneficial in my learning and coaching of others. Today’s freebie is a copy of Alan Cheng’s Article Marketing Strategies. The grammar isn’t entirely perfect in some places, but the information is valuable and the kind of stuff I’ve paid good money for in books and other courses. After I read the 51-page PDF book, I immediately wrote an article that I submitted to an article directory as yet another means of driving traffic to one of my niche sites. Becoming a published author is just that easy and one good article will send you targeted traffic for a very, very long time. Pick up your free copy today at my forum.

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