A Hard Lesson to Learn: Backup Your Databases and Website Files

While my business directory is undergoing a massive upgrade, I realized that my files were not backed up. Most of us don’t worry about this vital element of website/blog/forum management until it’s too late. Unfortunately for me, too late came early this year.

My business directory has a client list of about 200 black businesses and is undergoing a upgrade. As a result of a hacking incident, I have no record of any business to re-upload once the directory is refreshed and complete. This means almost starting from scratch. Since most of my listing clients used free listings, the good news is that I simply need to contact each client based on email confirmation receipts (which, thankfully, I retained) and let them know that they site has been upgraded and they can resubmit their listings. Paid listings required that each client customize his or her listing in accordance with the additional benefits of a paid listing (web link, logo, map, description, coupons, etc.) and are a little more of an inconvenience to re-submit. Had I backed up my database at a regular frequency, none of this would be necessary and I’d be back in business with improved functionality.

As you become more popular and your site is perceived as the go-to resource on your subject, the importance of backups in the event of technology problems or ill-intended hacking should become part of your normal operating procedures. Don’t let a lack of a backup jeopardize your profit potential or, worse yet, put you out of business permanently.

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