Experimenting with Monetization on the Black Internet Marketing Forum

Forum growth is coming along well. We are proud that almost 200 individuals have found our forum and decided to join. We have a few members who are becoming quite active on the black internet marketing forum and that’s been good for knowledge sharing and value for other members.

I’ve decided that the forum has reached a point where it’s time to offer additional value while also monetizing the forum through offering some of the best internet marketing and email marketing books and resources available on Amazon.com in addition to posting a few Google Adsense ads. As the forum continues to grow, hopefully these small additions will provide some income to offset hosting expenses and software update costs. They also provide me a means to test these features as possible additions to other sites. I’ve also been using Google Adwords to run a few advertisements that have been directing new visitors to the forum. I’ve limited my Adwords spending to $60 per month since I don’t have any real conversion statistics yet and the forum provides no revenue per conversion or member registration.

Effective internet marketing is a matter of adding a few things here and there and testing the results so that you know what works and how to spend more of your time and money on increasing the success of what works.

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