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Internet Marketing Junkies Unite!

Are you an internet marketing junkie who devours valuableinformation on the best tips available to get your information businessjump started? Then you’ve found the right place for a full year of freeinternet marketing tips related to information product marketing,private label rights tactics and strategy and what you need to knowabout reselling products that have

8/29/98 Friday Freebie: The Black Internet Marketers Guide to Squidoo

This guide will provide needed assistance to those internet marketers and business people who are new to Squidoo or curious about its use as a tool for building traffic, visibility, and expertise for their businesses and services. Squidoo is among the most popular and profitable of the social networks available for serious marketing initiatives.

What Membership Model is Best for a Subscription Site?

I'm in the process of launching a subscribers-only area in my internet marketing forum. I intend to provide my subscribers with access to exclusive paid ebook content in addition to best-in-class weekly IM lessons. I will also have special threads for unique productivity tools and a growing ebook library. Each month, the paid ebook

Yaro Starak’s Conversion Blogging Transcript

Yaro Starak is author of the popular blog, Entrepreneur’s Journey. He’s managed to make six figures through his blogging, blog newsletter, and blog training program using a variety of monetization methods. His blog offers free content on how to become a better blogger and his conversion blogging video has been converted to a transcript

Watch out Squidoo, Hubpages & Wikipedia: Here Comes Google Knol

Google Knol is a peer reviewed encyclopedia by Google. It’s a free platform (you’ll need a Google user account) where users can create a knowledge pge that is visible on any search engine. You can collaborate with others or author your own knol. Multiple knols can exist related to the same subject and each

Internet Marketing Speed Guide Course: Outstanding Value and Content

The Internet Marketing Speed Guide is a series of five books and a bonus text (over 130 pages in total content) with complete PLR rights for the enterprising internet marketer. I'm offering this entire package with webpage sales letters and thank you pages in addition to the entire PLR series and bonus in PDF

8/15/06 Friday Freebie: How To Get Rich From Information

Today's Friday Freebie is a booklet by Ewen Chia on using informationproducts to become wealthy (Yes, I know it's Saturday but I forget to get this posted yesterday). Ewen is an affiliate marketing expert. Manyof you on the forum may know the fundamentals behind informationmarketing as a source of fantastic income but some of

Black Internet Marketing Forum Now in Syndication

It's not everyday that a forum has enough traffic to rise to the level of syndicated status but that's exactly what has happened with the Black Internet Marketing Forum. The forum has been syndicated via Feedburner so you can keep up to date with your favorite news reader or visit the syndication page for

When Too Much Traffic is a Bad Thing: Host Provider Restrictions

I’ve just learned that my web hosting service,, may be problematic for my forum because the number of mySQL database connections is somewhat limited for the software that I’m using. What this means is that my site may not be available for some people during peak traffic periods. Unacceptable. It’s not all 1and1’s

Promote your Topical Expertise: The Squidoo Answer Deck and Calamari Official Manual

I have consistently received royalty payments from Squidoo almost every month for the last several months. This income is derived from revenue sharing payments based on static pages I created that send traffic to Squidoo partners (eBay, Amazon, etc.) that result in purchases. I do very little to update my Squidoo pages and the