Promote your Topical Expertise: The Squidoo Answer Deck and Calamari Official Manual

News / Sunday, August 10th, 2008

I have consistently received royalty payments from Squidoo almost every month for the last several months. This income is derived from revenue sharing payments based on static pages I created that send traffic to Squidoo partners (eBay, Amazon, etc.) that result in purchases. I do very little to update my Squidoo pages and the payments are always a pleasant surprise.

If you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities that Squidoo offers for you to become an instant expert by creating a lens that sends traffic to your other sites while paying you a commission from shared ad revenue or if you’re just curious about what Squidoo can do for you to create multiple streams of income, then this is for you!

Squidoo has created a one-stop place to answer all your questions about how to use the site and how to get the most from all of the features that Squidoo provides. It’s called The Squidoo Answer Deck. It’s full of hundreds of pages of useful answers and run by community experts. You should also download a copy of the Calamari Official Manual, an easy tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to get started in 34 easy-to-read pages.

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