When Too Much Traffic is a Bad Thing: Host Provider Restrictions

I’ve just learned that my web hosting service, 1and1.com, may be problematic for my forum because the number of mySQL database connections is somewhat limited for the software that I’m using. What this means is that my site may not be available for some people during peak traffic periods. Unacceptable. It’s not all 1and1’s fault, my software queries the database with almost every user click–it’s just the nature of the software code but I need to find a host that can handle the demand. It could also be that I’m sharing space on a server with another program (or several others) that is too demanding for both applications. After doing a little searching, it appears that Hostgator might be a better host for purposes of running my forum. We’ll see; I’ve got one of my technical experts on the case to determine the best option(s) to improve connection uptime.

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