8/15/06 Friday Freebie: How To Get Rich From Information

News / Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Today's Friday Freebie is a booklet by Ewen Chia on using information
products to become wealthy (Yes, I know it's Saturday but I forget to get this posted yesterday). Ewen is an affiliate marketing expert. Many
of you on the forum may know the fundamentals behind information
marketing as a source of fantastic income but some of you may need a
great refresher on the basics. This booklet also demonstrates the power
in using online marketing expertise to assist those who are involved in
offline enterprises.

Too often, those of us who are proficient at internet marketing use our
talents to offer internet marketing information products in a market
overwhelmed with a supply of poor and mediocre products. You can make a
killing offering good products and services to niches outside of
information marketing if you have proper market knowledge and technical

Download your free copy
and get cracking on improving your information products and overall marketing approach.

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