Watch out Squidoo, Hubpages & Wikipedia: Here Comes Google Knol

Google Knol is a peer reviewed encyclopedia by Google. It’s a free platform (you’ll need a Google user account) where users can create a knowledge pge that is visible on any search engine. You can collaborate with others or author your own knol. Multiple knols can exist related to the same subject and each knol is open to comments and ratings by article readers.

Like other social knowledge page platforms, the quality of the content determines the level of traffic generated by the page. Google knols allow you to include a profile with your websites and interests so that those who enjoy your article can visit your other sites for more information or services.

I’m experimenting with Google knol and will write a few pages to determine if it has long-term potential. Given the size and reach of Google’s impact as a search engine, the knol service is poised to become the next best source of searchable social expert content.

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