What Membership Model is Best for a Subscription Site?

News / Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I'm in the process of launching a subscribers-only area in my
internet marketing forum.
I intend to provide my subscribers with access to exclusive paid ebook
content in addition to best-in-class weekly IM lessons. I will also
have special threads for unique productivity tools and a growing ebook
library. Each month, the paid ebook access will change with new books
offered in addition to some master reseller rights products but the
tools and library would remain available every month with additions as
they become available.

I have two questions for those who are experienced and/or have interest in the topic of membership sites:

First, should I plan on removing content each month or not posting
content at all and using my autoresponder to mail new content to each
subscriber every 30 days? I don't want to make the mistake of having
everything available all the time and become a target for content
scrapers. What has worked best for others in terms of managing
subscriber content?

Secondly, do most find that a monthly subscription model works best or
is a one-time annual fee the better route? I suppose that I could offer
the one-time annual fee at a substantial discount as an additional
incentive to become a subscriber but I'm open to suggestions.

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