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Nine Gotta Gets You Gotta Get to Get More Money Online

There are countless internet marketers who want to prosper in their online businesses and they're wondering what things they really need to get right to get things going and make some money online. I was one of them who stumbled through what seemed more like art than science until I began to see themes

I Got Rid of my iPhone. Where is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1?

After many long nights and careful considerations, I canceled my iPhone contract and my device is now nothing more than a glorified iPod Touch. It was a sad day indeed but my wallet is all the better for it as I've eliminated a $100 per month phone bill. That's not to say that I'm

The Iceman Is Moving on Up (from Shared Hosting to a Virtual Private Server)

I’ve decided to take on a very complicated project in order to eliminate some early headaches and prepare for greater growth in the future. Over the past several years, I’ve been happy with using relatively inexpensive monthly hosting for all of my websites, my forum, and my business directory. Things have gone well, but

How Special Reports Can Grow Your List: Optimus Time

Download optimus_time.pdf If you want to create a viral buzz about your brand and your expertise while building your email list at the same time, consider creating a special report that you can give away. This report should be five to twenty-five pages in length. Page numbers shouldn't be your complete focus but there

Have I Lost My Mind? I’m Giving Away Marketing Lessons!

For a limited time, Iceman Baldy (that’s me) is allowing anyone to sign up for his Ice Cold Lessons in Internet Marketing series at no cost–that’s $47 of a 52-part email course for FREE. Jump on it now while you can, because it’s a test I’m doing related to list building and I don’t

Iceman Baldy for President ’08

Wanted: Black Internet Marketer Profiles

I posted this on a few of my social network pages and on my forum. I hope those of you who are interested will respond by September 20th. I’m compiling a free report about Black Internet Marketers and want to extend an invitation to you to become part of my report. This report will

Why You Need a Rockstar Internet Marketing Vault Subscription

The Rockstar Internet Marketing Vault is a the single content source for questions that many of you have related to the myriad of topics in the internet marketing field. The Vault offers you an opportunity to invest in your continuing education on a monthly basis while taking advantage of excellent content at a superb

Iceman Baldy Announces the New and Improved Black Internet Marketing Forum

The Black Internet Marketing Forum was started in the Fall of 2007 as a means for collaboration and networking between internet marketers of color. It is not a forum focused on difference or being exclusionary, many of our members are not black, however; it is intended to provide a learning and sharing environment for