Wanted: Black Internet Marketer Profiles

I posted this on a few of my social network pages and on my forum. I hope those of you who are interested will respond by September 20th.

I’m compiling a free report about Black Internet Marketers and want to extend an invitation to you to become part of my report. This report will be distributed freely as a way of encouraging others to join black Business Space and the Black Internet Marketing Forum.

In addition to general information about African American use of the internet as a tool to network and build their businesses, I also want to feature black people who are great examples of what it means to be successful online. If your profile is used, you will benefit from having your business featured in addition to increased traffic to your website by those who read and share the report with others.

If you want your profile featured in the report, just send me a note with a brief summary of your online experience, your key online business(es) along with appropriate links. Please do not include a slew of affiliate links–links to your main website or weblog are preferred as the intent is to provide information seekers with where they can learn more about you. You can sell your products from your main page once people get a greater sense of your expertise and background.

I’m hoping to make the report available by October 1, 2008, so I’d like profiles submitted by September 20th for those who are interested. Each submitter will receive an advance copy of the report.

This is going to be a big deal. I hope you’ll join the effort. Shoot me a note with your information if you want to be included.

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