How Special Reports Can Grow Your List: Optimus Time

Download optimus_time.pdf

If you want to create a viral buzz about your brand and your expertise while building your email list at the same time, consider creating a special report that you can give away.

This report should be five to twenty-five pages in length. Page numbers shouldn't be your complete focus but there should be enough pages, and more importantly, pages with substance, to demonstrate that you know your stuff. It's also critical that you include links to your product opt-in lists or autoresponder so that interested parties can go straight from your free special report to being on your emailing list.

I've attached an example of a report I've just released and announced in many of the places that I spend my online time. This is my Black Internet Marketing Guide to Time Management: Optimus Time. It's consistent with my trademark phrase to Optimize Time and Maximize Profit.

Enjoy and feel free to share it with your lists.

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