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The Black Internet Marketing Forum is One Year Old!

The BIMF First Anniversary Special Promotion and Contest! CONGRATULATIONS–WE'RE ONE YEAR OLD! On October 27, 2008, the Black Internet Marketing Forum reached a significant milestone in our development–our First Anniversary! As a way of saying thank you to all of our registered members, we've opened the Rockstar Internet Marketing Vault for the next two

The Free and Easy Way to Become a Master Internet Marketer: Ice Cold Lessons

Cautiously Optimistic? Don't be. My 52 week course is guaranteed to spur you on to a bigger and better life of profit and productivity when it comes to managing your online enterprise. So many people are operating Mom & Pop style internet businesses and missing out on true riches because of a lack of

Got Personal Constraints?

ChrisG writes about the 29 personal constraint demons that may stop you from achieving your business and personal goals. If you were to consider yourself for a moment, would you say that you suffer from any of these? 1. Analysis Paralysis2. Waiting for the right time3. Fear of commitment4. (In)Decision Anxiety5. Low confidence6. Perfectionism7.

Focused on the Fabulous Black Internet Marketing Forum

My efforts to create the premiere internet marketing forum for Black Internet Marketers is paying off. Membership has exceeded the 300 registration mark in less than a year and we’re on target to exceed 500 members prior to year end. The discussions have been very good with some extremely talented marketers providing some excellent

The Trouble with Adsense: Misread Content

If you’re an Adsense user, chances are that you’ve been victim to Google serving up the wrong ads based on the way the content on your page is interpreted. I’ve seen this happen recently on my forum after installing a new plug-in. Prior to the plug-in, I was all set with internet marketing links