Got Personal Constraints?

ChrisG writes about the 29 personal constraint demons that may stop you from achieving your business and personal goals. If you were to consider yourself for a moment, would you say that you suffer from any of these?

1. Analysis Paralysis
2. Waiting for the right time
3. Fear of commitment
4. (In)Decision Anxiety
5. Low confidence
6. Perfectionism
7. Sense of entitlement
8. Jealousy
9. Over competitive
10. Imagination
11. Laziness
12. Procrastination
13. Defeat
14. Paranoia
15. Cash control
16. Personality
17. Organization
18. Blurred focus
19. Drowning in Information
20. Burdens
21. Distractions
22. Isolation
23. Vanity
24. Ignorance
25. Status quo
26. Power rush
27. Management by spreadsheet
28. Management by to-do list
29. Focus on the negative

Read more about Overcoming Your Own Constraints at Chris’ weblog and learn how to unlock your full, unconstrained potential.

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