Monthly Archive:: November 2008

Recession-proof Your Livelihood through Information Product Marketing

One of the great things about information product marketing as a source of income during challenging economic times is the nature of the information products themselves. When commodity prices are fluctuating and transportation costs are on the rise, it's comforting to know that costs for information marketers remain unaffected. This is primarily because we

Tips and Tricks for Young Black Entrepreneurs

I'm happy to provide a free, complimentary copy of an eBook that I've reviewed and compiled as a reference for young entrepreneurs (and seasoned entrepreneurs who might benefit from a younger perspective). Here's a list of what you'll find in my 35 pages of solid content: Entrepreneurship–An Insight Becoming an Entrepreneur Use Your Youth

Try Not to Trip and Fall as You Increase Your Internet Footprint

Internet Footprint? Have you heard of the term before? Well, it's becoming more and more common with employers, law enforcement professionals and anybody else who is just plain nosey about you and what an internet search might reveal about you. Wikipedia defines internet footprint as follows: An Internet footprint is the impact an individual,

What Every Black Internet Marketer Can Learn from Barack Obama

If you're wondering how internet marketing can help you to promote your business or services, just take a lesson from President-Elect, Barack Obama. Whether the simple elegance of his website design, the calls to action in the form of donation links and contact forms or social platforms, his interactive weblog, or multi-media downloads and

A Phone, A Phone; My Kingdom for a New Phone

The mobile phone market is going crazy right before the holidays. It doesn't matter who your carrier is; between the new Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm, the HTC Touch Pro/AT&T Fuze/Sony Xperia, the Google G1, or the Samsung Epix, everybody is using their shiny new devices in an effort to court early Christmas shoppers.

The Iceman Cometh for Squidoo: Introducing My Squidoo Internet Marketing Strategy Seminar

There are five new lenses in this brand new series with a growth goal of 50 lenses before the year ends. As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Squidoo for building your expertise and sending traffic to your main sites while also making money from the revenue sharing program that Squidoo

The Black Internet Marketing Forum Now Has Blogs!

You asked for it and I added it; those who have blogs can now use the Black Internet Marketing Forum as yet another perfect venue for their blogging pleasure and many of you who don’t have blogs yet and use your own personal blog to update members and visitors about your goings on. The