The Iceman Cometh for Squidoo: Introducing My Squidoo Internet Marketing Strategy Seminar

There are five new lenses in this brand new series with a growth goal of 50 lenses before the year ends. As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Squidoo
for building your expertise and sending traffic to your main sites
while also making money from the revenue sharing program that Squidoo
has in place for all of it’s Lensmasters.

Once you set up a few good lenses, it doesn’t take much effort to do
some minor updating every few weeks and receive decent commission
checks based on the traffic and click through revenue generated by your
lens content.

Given the good results that I’ve seen with a few good lenses,
I’ve decided to set up some other lenses using some basic internet
marketing fundamentals that will allow me to establish excellent
content in record time to get a jumpstart on even better commission
checks as the holiday season begins. If I do things right, this should
become a pretty strong source of recurring revenue while also helping
to build my blog readership, forum membership and business directory

Check out my Squidoo Internet Marketing Strategy Index.
This lens is the main index for my Internet Marketing Strategy Seminar
series. My Internet Marketing Strategy Seminar lenses offer individual
topical overviews and lessons about specific online marketing
strategies and tactics that you can implement for immediate marketing

Let me know what you think.

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