A Phone, A Phone; My Kingdom for a New Phone

The mobile phone market is going crazy right before the holidays. It doesn't matter who your carrier is; between the new Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm, the HTC Touch Pro/AT&T Fuze/Sony Xperia, the Google G1, or the Samsung Epix, everybody is using their shiny new devices in an effort to court early Christmas shoppers. The stakes are high because many people don't plan to spend as much this year given the ongoing economic uncertainties.

So, what does the Iceman plan on buying? Maybe nothing but it seldom works that way. My Tilt has been serving me well but the slim lines of the Touch Pro and its higher resolution screen and updated operating system are turning my head. The downside for me is the $500 price tag since I my current plan isn't up for renewal. I also get tired of changing mobile phone numbers like a new Easter suit every year.

Oh well. What time does church start?

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