What Every Black Internet Marketer Can Learn from Barack Obama

If you're wondering how internet marketing can help you to promote your business or services, just take a lesson from President-Elect, Barack Obama. Whether the simple elegance of his website design, the calls to action in the form of donation links and contact forms or social platforms, his interactive weblog, or multi-media downloads and informational pages, Barack and his campaign team are masters at internet marketing and its application to the political process.

From the very beginning of his campaign, the Obama campaign used Web 2.0 technology to connect with the minds and hearts of Americans and others across the world in a way that has never been seen in politics anywhere at any other time in our history.

His website at barackobama.com was just the starting point for a multi-media, on-your-own terms information feeding frenzy that is just as much responsible for the phenomenal effectiveness of Barack's campaign as the man himself in his personal communication of his digitally affirmed messages and platform fundamentals.

From the site, you could enter your name and email address and you would receive friendly emails that were set up on an autoresponder or broadcast as appropriate to comment on current campaign activities or to communicate important messages.

You could visit the weblog and see pictures and video of Barack as he tended to the affairs of the campaign to include everything from photos and commentary about his pick-up basketball games, to segments from his radio addresses or behind-the-scenes pictures and front-page shots of newspapers from around the country heralding his election as the nation's 44th President.

And it didn't just stop there–we could all participate. Americans commented on the website, submitted their own photos for inclusion on the weblog, downloaded photos, music, and watched Barack TV, purchased merchandise, made donations, and used the technology to get involved and connected with their candidate.

Obama was everywhere and he let you know by adding links to his site so that you could follow him on your favorite Web 2.0 social platforms which included Facebook, Black Planet, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn and eight other popular services and targeted communities.

If you are a Twitter user who follows Barack, then you witnessed the magic as it happened. Twice on November 4th you received text messages from Barack; the first was an early message asking you to vote on election day and to visit the website or call the toll-free number or send a text message to find your polling location. The second message came later in the day to remind you to get out and vote during the last critical hours. The morning after the historic night, you would have received this text message: "We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks" Classic contact management and appreciation.

Barack is an amazing individual who understood that he was capable of what others thought was impossible. He believes that when you dream, you should dream big and let nothing that you desire to escape your reach. There may be setbacks but you learn from your mistakes. You then use those learnings to launch and even more effective attack on reaching your goals. In four years, Barack rose from Freshman Senator to President Elect. That's talent. That's tenacity. That's using technology in a powerful way that will forever change life for Barack Obama and change that has affected the world.

And this is just the beginning. The lessons continue at change.gov as the President-elect takes technology and uses it to guide the online community through his transition to President allowing each of us to play a part.

Follow his example and your life could be very different within one year. Keep it up with disciplined talent and tenacity and who knows what your life could look like in the next four years?

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