Try Not to Trip and Fall as You Increase Your Internet Footprint

Internet Footprint? Have you heard of the term before? Well, it's
becoming more and more common with employers, law enforcement
professionals and anybody else who is just plain nosey about you and
what an internet search might reveal about you.

Wikipedia defines internet footprint as follows:

An Internet footprint is the impact an individual, business,
organization or corporation has on the worldwide web and, practicably,
the traceable residue that it leaves behind through this interaction.

footprints are starting to be used as to supplement interviews by some
“to research potential employees by examining what they find on the

It also aids Law Enforcement by enabling them get information that otherwise the lack of probable cause would prevent.

I think it's a fair definition and there is proof that internet footprints have been used just as the definition suggests.

As internet marketers, you need to know what your internet footprint
says about you to either confirm and validate your expertise or to cast
doubts about your professionalism or credibility.

It's easy for others to discover what your comments or behaviors are
like when they search for you on popular forums or social networks like
Facebook or MySpace. It's also easy to see what you've been twittering

Because the internet is a timeless storage repository of anything ever posted (visit
and use the Wayback Machine to see what I mean), it's not difficult to
recall your current or past weblogs or websites and a quick review of
that content will provide helpful or hurtful insight for current
customers and prospects. Do a quick Google search on yourself and you
might be surprised with what you see.

As you build and change your internet footprint, be mindful of the need
for consistency in the way you manage your brand and know that each of
your profiles, posts, comments, tags, bookmarks, pictures, videos,
links and anything esle that you post on contribute online says as much
if not more about you than your current contributions.

As you take bigger steps toward internet success, don't stub your toe
by making careless blunders in managing your online presence as you
continue to build a fantastic footprint.

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