Revive Your Old Posts with Twitter

Marketing / Saturday, December 13th, 2008

I took notice of an interesting technique used by Dante Lee at, formerly Black Business Coach. It highlights one of the ways Twitter can be used to give your weblog additional depth.

Dante Twittered about a post that was featured as a past entry in his
blog. Most of us who have been authoring our own blogs for sometime
have tens of dozens of great posts that can be recycled and used as
topics for review by new readers.

New readers don't typically have the time or inclination to read
through our archives to find these nuggets of information. By using
Twitter to revive these posts, you alert both new and seasoned readers
about your outstanding expertise and remind them of why reading and
subscribing to your post is good for them.

Yaro Starak teaches about using pillar content to provide focused, and
attractive content for your weblog. By using categories and prominent
links to your best content on the homepage of your blog, you can
feature your pillar content. Twitter also provides you a way to feature
this content for those who follow your tweets.

I'm considering using Tweetlator to provide scheduled tweets of this
content in an autoresponder-style approach that takes advantage of
Twitter's popularity and effectiveness. You can see my RSS Tweets here and become a subscriber to see how it works or simply follow me on Twitter.

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