Consolidate Your Online Initiatives for Greater Strength and Focus

The lessons of the bad economy aren't just something for big business to be concerned with. Internet marketers can strengthen their own positions by considering whether it makes sense for them to consolidate their efforts under fewer brands rather than trying to manage multiple brands.

Take my own Rockstar Internet Marketing weblog and this Iceman Baldy weblog as examples. I've tried to make the Rockstar site a place where you can find pillar content and longer posts that provide lessons on internet marketing whereas the Iceman site includes some of that in addition to my other posts about technology and personal development. It's been difficult to spend a lot of time on both sites and I've wondered whether it stretches me too thin.

So, like larger companines who merge or smaller companies that are purchased and integrated within larger operations, I've decided to consolidate the Rockstar Internet Marketing site within Iceman By providing a special link to the Rockstar lessons and pointing the domain to that page, I actually improve the overall depth of my primary weblog and increase its reach and appeal to an even broader readership. In this case, consolidation results in greater strength and focus.

Sometimes less is more. Think about how you can spend less time in 2009 managing multiple projects and sites and focusing more of your time on building your brand and expertise to reach more of your targeted audience in ways that provide them greater value.

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