Kwanzaa Principles for Black Internet Marketers: December 31st — Kuumba (Creativity)

Habari Gani (What's the News)? Kuumba (Creativity)!

Creativity is a fundamental competency that distinguishes successful
entrepreneurs who love their businesses from non-entrepreneurs and
others who are simply working to make a living. For Black Internet
Marketers, creativity is all the more important in ensuring that our
businesses are competitive, provide customer value, and fully leverage
all of our resources toward optimizing profit while maintaining
stability and growth.

Entrepreneurs aren't strangers to risk or resource constraints. As
Black entrepreneurs, we have a special knack for being realistic about
our circumstances when things are less than ideal without allowing
practicalities become impossibilities. Optimism and creativity are the
basis for a confident swagger that is evident in Black Internet
Marketers who fully understand that even failure holds valuable lessons
for subsequent success.

As you make plans for greater abundance in the New Year, open your mind
to new and different creative possibilities that will work to expand
your options and provide additional benefits to the community you serve
through your efforts.

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