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Anticipation: DNS Delays are Making Me Wait

You may remember the old Heinz ketchup commercial and the familiar "it's making me wait" chorus as each character in the commercial waited for the moment that the ketchup would slowly pour from the bottle. I felt the same way after purchasing and waiting for two days that seemed like eternity while my

Creating A Memorable Domain Name

Ideas for the most creative and memorable domain names often come from asking yourself a question and then checking a search engine for possible answers. If you find that your search keywords or phrase has a lot of results but there is no definitive domain listed among those results, you may have stumbled upon

Amplify Your Voice and Become a One Voice Online Marketing Choir

Many people spend a lot of time online using their weblog or website as a primary means for keeping their followers updated and informed about the latest and greatest topics in their niche. They do reviews, make recommendations, provide helpful links to outstanding items of interest, and engage in dialogue with their readers via

I’m So Addicted to Social Networking I Had to Create a Forum About It.

Well yes and no. I do find it difficult to stay on top of my ubiquitous internet presence and remain productive at the same time. I'll spend several hours logged onto forums, reading new content, and Twittering into the twilight. There are so many great applications with new applications and applications to manage your

Political Pitstop: Had to Get a Run DC T-Shirt

Get yours from Black Klown Clothier. Who's house?

2009 Blogging While Brown

Dante Lee was kind enough to share information about the 2009 Blogging While Brown conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois on June 19th and 20th of this year. This is the second event of its kind for bloggers of color from around the world. This year's theme is "Living Well by Doing Good."

An Unbelievably Excellent Exposure Opportunity.

Open 24 Hours

Never Put All Your Internet Marketing Eggs in One Basket

Let's face it–stuff happens. Such is the case with my current experience in moving my internet marketing forum and business directory from one host server to a new host server. I'm still waiting for DNS server addresses to propagate throughout the internet for what seems to have been two eternities. My sites are still

Sometimes You Have to Get Smaller to Grow Larger

Seems like a contradiction, doesn't it? It's all about understanding your target audience and not getting caught up in the numbers game. I've had an internet marketing forum going for the past year focused on the Black online entrepreneur. It's free for all to join with the purpose of providing a space for networking

Just Say No to Shotgun Marketing in 2009

What is Shotgun Marketing? That's when you send a message to as many people as you can with no relationship whatsoever in the hopes that somebody might get hit with the inspiration to act. It works for a few but fails for many. People need a reason to act on your offer and without