Never Put All Your Internet Marketing Eggs in One Basket

Money/Entrepreneurship / Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Let's face it–stuff happens. Such is the case with my current experience in moving my internet marketing forum and business directory from one host server to a new host server. I'm still waiting for DNS server addresses to propagate throughout the internet for what seems to have been two eternities. My sites are still not up and I spent a good portion of the day before I executed the change drumming up new visitors. Sigh.

But fear not. Since I also have networking groups on Facebook and the Ning platform, I've been able to spend some additional time there cultivating relationships with groups of people who don't care to join my forum just yet. Although the forum and the social networks share some of the same features, my experience is that people have definitive preferences. Where you have a good-sized audience split between one or two (or three) different platforms, it may be worth repurposing your work and using it multiple times to fulfill each of the groups needs as appropriate. What's most important is that you find a way to fill their needs and don't allow the relationships to go dormant.

With all that said, feel free to visit my Black Webpreneur Nation social network while I continue to work on getting the Black Internet Marketing Forum up and going strong again. This has been a great lesson for me regarding the importance of a diversified system of business operations so that you're not entirely reliant on any one technology or provider.

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