I’m So Addicted to Social Networking I Had to Create a Forum About It.

Well yes and no. I do find it difficult to stay on top of my ubiquitous internet presence and remain productive at the same time. I'll spend several hours logged onto forums, reading new content, and Twittering into the twilight. There are so many great applications with new applications and applications to manage your applications that you can go completely insane with the best way to keep track of it all. I desperately needed some therapy.

So I decided to create one more forum to add to the chaos.

This forum is different (aren't they all?). This forum is dedicated to social networking addicts who want to know how to best go about their social networking. It's the all and all of tools, tips and tricks to optimize your time online so that you can maximize your life offline. Welcome to OnOffOnOff.com.

Neat name, huh? I bought it some time ago and never figured out how to best put it to use. This new social networking forum is good for me on so many levels. It feeds my need for information on social networking by opening discussion to a larger community of data fiends; it provides another creative outlet and use of a great, free platform, Lefora.com–took me all of an hour to build the site at no cost; and I get to use one of the many domain names I had sitting inactive. Yeah, that's another addiction.

I hope you'll visit the forum and consider joining. End your misery and come have some fun!

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