Anticipation: DNS Delays are Making Me Wait

You may remember the old Heinz ketchup commercial and the familiar "it's making me wait" chorus as each character in the commercial waited for the moment that the ketchup would slowly pour from the bottle.

I felt the same way after purchasing and waiting for two days that seemed like eternity while my new domain name servers (DNS) propagated throughout the internet. If any of you have purchased a domain name for use with an existing site, you know the drill:

  1. You register and purchase the domain
  2. You wait for the domain name to become active through your registrar's control panel (waiting period: one day)
  3. You change the DNS settings to match the server settings appropriate for where your website is hosted (waiting period: two days)
  4. You forward or redirect your new domain to the url address of the current domain (one day)

Some of these steps may happen in less time than what I've provided as waiting periods, but I have yet to complete this process in less than three days.

It can be a little frustrating. If you're like me, you tend to have creative flashes where you want to act quickly on an idea and get a site up and running quickly. You also want to begin getting the world out quickly and a proper domain name is key to your promotional efforts.

Things rarely happen as fast as we would like and propagating the location of a new site across the internet is no exception. If you accept it will be a few days and don't become impatient, you can channel your anxious energy toward making your new site as good as possible so that you have a fantastic debut once your new domain takes effect.

Creating A Memorable Domain Name
Ideas for the most creative and memorable domain names often come from asking yourself a question and then checking a search engine for possible answers. If you find that your search keywords or phrase has a lot of results but there is no definitive domain listed among those results, you may have stumbled upon a great domain name opportunity.

Here's a personal example: One day I was wondering what was the most popular website in the world. I searched for the phrase, the most popular website in the world on Google and the search box results showed over 90 million possible results as I was typing the words.

The actual results returned various sponsored ads and a list of links based on others who asked the question or sites promoting themselves as the most popular. Oddly enough, the actual phrase was not being used as a domain name.

So I bought it.

It took a little longer than I would have liked to become active on the internet after I changed my DNS settings, but I'm pleased with my choice. I can proudly proclaim that I literally own http://TheMostPopularWebsiteInTheWorld and maybe it will generate some traffic to my other sites.

I don't know if I'll try to generate revenue on a site with the domain name or if it may become a domain that I flip for a profit some time in the future. For now, we'll just see how much traffic is generated out of pure curiosity and my own small promotional efforts.

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