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Your Internet Business Portfolio: Know When to Hold ’em, Know When to Fold ’em.

Things change quickly in internet time. New ideas are born and often die before most folks even find out about the initial thought. Such is the case with, the social network I created for those who love social networks. I billed it as the place to satisfy your social networking addiction. The irony

Blogging Your Way to the Bank

Weblogs or "blogs" are a phenomenal way to make money while also sharing your expertise with a targeted reading audience.  Blogs are often favored by search engines, are notoriously easy to promote, and remarkably effective when they offer sticky content.  If you post frequently to your blog and you offer informative or entertaining content,

Building Backlinks Via Social Bookmarking

Marketers in almost every niche understand the importance of social bookmarking to build links back to their websites. If you use bookmarking sites like Digg,, and Technorati properly, you allow other users to add your relevant links to their sites and marketing lists and your URLs go viral as a result of sharing

Use Mind Mapping Software to Brainstorm Your World Domination

You may recall my earlier post about taking my show on the road and exploring opportunities to share my online expertise with the offline business community. Well, I'm preparing an in-person launch of my marketing firm at a business exposition this summer. I'll be at Indiana Black Expo–one of the largest if not the

Black Twitterers at

Every now and then you happen across  a website or a resource that speaks directly to one of your interests. That happened to me as I was reviewing friend's tweets today and saw that someone responded to a Twitterer called "BlackTwitterati." I clicked on the profile and discovered that BlackTwitterati is the author of

Use a Squidoo Lensography to Stay Organized

This isn't a primer about Squidoo, although I've blogged about how Squidoo can be used in past postings. It is a quick tip about how you can use a Squidoo lensography–which is essentially an extended profile page all about you (consider it your own money-making Wiki page)–to inform the world about what you're all

Going to Take My Show on the Road: BlackWebpreneur Seminars

There's money to be made online but there's even more money to be made offline quickly and easily if you understand how to use your online expertise in offline markets. It's time for me to take my show on the road. Confused? This is what I'm talking about: Many of us who are proficient

Use BANS to Turn Your Favorite Products Into Niche Profit Opportunities

If you're a big fan of a product or service, consider using that passion in an affiliate marketing opportunity where you promote what you love and make money in the process. If you don't already know it, I love Apple computers and media products. I grew up on Apple in high school when they

Get a New Computer. Take Over the World.

There's something empowering about getting a new computer. Whether you really become any more productive or not, just knowing that you have a faster, sleeker, more powerful machine is exciting, exhilarating, inspiring and everything else that gets you hyped about all the new possibilities that are open to you with your latest technology. I've

February Black History Month Black Business Facts

Every year, the US Census provides some great Black History Month facts that cover several categories. Here is the latest on Black Business for 2009: $88.6 billion Revenues for black-owned businesses in 2002. The number of black-owned businesses totaled nearly 1.2 million in 2002 (and hence, my directory, Black-owned firms accounted for 5