I’m An Apple Fan All Over Again: My Magnificent Macbook


I have a love-hate relationship with Apple Computer.

I love their innovation, style, and ease of use. They make personal computing fun and exciting. The entire purchase experience is a joy from shopping online or at a retail store to opening the creative and consumer-oriented packaging and effortlessly powering on your device. When you purchase an Apple product, you feel special, elitist, and proud of your decision no matter how much you might be criticized for arguably sacrificing design for functionality. Some products may have be faster, more powerful and offer more features but few offer the integration and complete balance of hardware, software, and lustful attraction of what the good folks in Cupertino are able to produce on repeated basis.

I hate that with Apple, you often pay more up front but you get great resale value and long-term use. I also hate when Apple decides to nickle and dime customers with proprietary accessories like spcecial cords or ear phones that only work with their products to generate additional revenue unnecessarily. Still, I find myself coming back each time I vow to never give them another penny whenever I upgrade a product only to find that I have to repurchase all of the add-ons that go with it since none of my old stuff is transferable. Their new stuff is just that good.

I recently purchased a 13" aluminum Macbook, a beautiful and powerful laptop, to replace a four-year old aluminum Powerbook G4. It's the perfect upgrade for my Powerbook and I'm glad that I didn't buy an earlier polycarbonate white or black plastic version of the Macbook that was released two years prior to the latest Macbook. This new Macbook is a less expensive, more feature-rich version of the ultra thin Macbook Air and it is truly a sight to behold. I won't bore you with specs that are available elsewhere on the web, but know that it is a phenomenal machine that will keep me happy for the next four years or more.

So, I'm in love again. My computing experience is faster, smoother, more engaging and hopefully more productive as a result of a new investment. My old and reliable Powerbook will be erased and reconditioned before making its way to Ebay in order to provide a few more years of service to someone who isn't as caught up in the marketing magic as I am.

Long live Apple and the Macintosh…until the next time they decide to screw with my loyalty.

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